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  About Music Mindss

The advent of a divine vision that appeared to the Gospel music ministry of Music Mindss marks truly a milestone in the era of Christian musical production and distribution. For a few years now, it has led from the front the Christian music world that had been hitherto blissfully unaware of the enormous development that has changed the very face of Communication processes today.

The founder and its Managing Director Bro. Vincent George is a trend setter in the contemporary Christian audio and video world. The vision that Our Lord has given him, has set in motion, the music ministry through the nations of the world, with refreshingly new dimensions. But, innumerable were the crosses he had carried before he could initiate the Good news through this medium. Bro. Vincent Sahayaraj and Bro. Vincent Robin with their Engineering Degrees have joined hands as Directors in the promotion of this spiritual mission. Their unsparing efforts for over the past 21 years have caught the attention of the Tamil Christians all over the world. The core objective of Music Mindss is not a mere commercial success, but a VISION that our Lord has blessed them with.

The quality products of Music Mindss are the natural off shoot of first class technical excellence. The specialty of Music Mindss is their low cost and high quality products, with an astonishing imported technical advancement.

Music Mindss distinguished itself as a safe haven and a loving shelter, inspired by the Holy Spirit, for many a music director, singer, artist and technician. The vision inspired thirst of Music Mindss goes round unquenched by publishing the creations of frontline gospellers as well as the upcoming young artists. Music Mindss’s digital recording theatre is functioning solely to promote Christian songs and creations.