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  Welcome To Music Mindss
Programs - Audio-Visual

Our global operations encompass the development, marketing, sales and distribution of Recorded audio and video through a network of subsidiaries, joint ventures and licensees in various countries, representing approximately 80% of the Gospel music market. MusicMindss is the No:1 company in countries which together represent more than 70% of the Global Gospel music market. MusicMindss is the market leader in today’s highly competitive Global Gospel music market. We, the copyright holder for more than thousands of Gospel audio and video albums and many of our products are the only, we can say, "HIT LIST" in this Gospel industry.

Mastering - Audio-Visual

"Our task is commonly referred to as "mastering," or more correctly, "pre-mastering": The final step before manufacture of CDs and DVDs. The overall goal of the process is to maximize the quality of each track, ensuring that our clients' music sounds and picture quality as good as possible, and as expressive as we are capable. The mastering process is truly as much an art as a science, involving a variety of technical processes and associated audio & vedio equipment. But, equally important are the "fresh ears" & "fresh eyes" of the experienced mastering engineer. Combining technology, skill, and the 'art' of mastering, we are able to ensure the hi-end quality exactly as it should.

Glass Mastering

CD/DVD Glass Mastering comprises a number of stages needed to create a metallized glass master from which the stampers are produced. The processes are carried out in a Class 1000 clean room. Operators wear special clothing including face masks and footwear to minimize any particles. Glass mastering is the most crucial and complicated part of CD and DVD Replication, requiring technology and skill. Glass mastering is performed free of charge for standard CD/DVD replication above 3000 units and we proved that we are the one in the exclusive field of Gospel Industry with Good Standards.

Replication of CD & DVD.

CD duplication is the copying of data from one disc to another through the process of burning, especially in large commercial quantities. We wish to introduce ourselves as one of the pioneers CD mass production of various categories like CD-ROM, CD audio/video and DVD. We would like you to contact us for any of your CD requirements. We also would assist you in development of content if required. Though many people use the terms duplication and replication interchangeably, there are gross differences between the two. Though both processes transfer information onto CDs or DVDs, duplication is the process of burning dots that mimic what we call pits onto a CD surface and is normally undertaken by Duplication Companies.

The device which does the burning is called a burner can be inexpensively found on home PCs. CD replication on the other hand obtains an imprint from a glass master and stamps the data in binary form onto the disc. In duplication, the duplicate is of the same or inferior quality as the original. No attempt is made to change the quality or constitution of the data transferred. CD Duplication is also cheap to do and therefore the favorite of computer enthusiasts who don't have the large budget to do replication. But, we do the Replication in the low budget which is more competitive to the Duplication cost, exclusive for the Gospel industry. We provide cost-effective, high quality services to the audio and video industry.

These include CD Replication DVD Replication ,Audio Mastering, Graphic Design, Tape to Disc Conversion, Artwork Editing, Custom-Printed CD-R and much more. We help to put your thoughts on CD. Please feel free to call on us for any of your requirements on CD, to develop, the most cost effective model of communication available today. We also assist you in bundling deals with the vast amount of original copyright owners as our customer base as a part of our service.

Reproduction of audio cassettes:

Cassettes are an ideal media for distributing both music, spoken word and videos. With most homes and business houses having at least 1 cassette player and you can be sure that your content can be accessed by your intended recipient. This job is done with good quality according to the requirements, satisfactorily.

Inlay Design:

Here at The Visual Sense, we love music as much as we love to design. That's why we have such passion about creating great cover designs, as well as other promotional items, for the audio and video industry. We will design a professional CD/DVD booklet ensuring your album will look as cool as your music sounds. Attractive CD/DVD design helps generate sales and ensures your CD/DVD will be taken seriously. We'll take care creating a great design, so that you can focus on what you do best.

Inlay printing:

CD/DVD inlays may be litho printed or digitally printed. The CD/DVD inlays used in CD/DVD jewel cases take several forms. A standard jewel case can hold a front booklet and a back Tray card. The card can be printed on both sides if a jewel case with a clear tray is used. The quality of the printing will be very much to the international standards.

Musicmindss Gospel Club:

Join our Gospel club: Welcome! Welcome! Welcome to the MusicMindss Gospel Club. We thank you for choosing to join MM Club, and we are always pleased to have you here as a member of our MM club. We hope that everything here will meet your Gospel expectations, including our music audio and video. The MM Club exists for the benefit of its members and the general public, to promote the appreciation of high quality Gospel music(audio) & video to the community. So...Let's get started! Jus join by a smart Click here No registration fee. Sure you will receive gifts by joining the club.

Online purchase:

Avail this feature very soon and expect the unexpected. You can purchase all our products, audio and video, through online without efforts. Also you can avail instant offers and discounts which prevails at that time for our audio and video products.

Free Stickers, Bookmarks, Cassettes and CDs.

Avail these free gifts by just joining our Club. Convey your friends who are interested in the Gospel Forum and make them to avail all our free stickers, bookmarks, cassettes and cds, all in free of cost.

Copyright Notice:

We will not duplicate or replicate / Manufacture any input media for which you do not own a copyright or have an express written license to duplicate/replicate.

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